Available for immediate download: "Introduction to Security" (1hr) $24.95

"Information Security Fundamentals" (10 hrs) $395.00

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Available for immediate download: "HIPAA Security Training" (1hr) $24.95

"HIPAA Security Fundamentals" (5 hrs) $295.00

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PSI Training is currently offering two courses on security: "Information Security Fundamentals" and "HIPAA Security Fundamentals."

Information Security Fundamentals

"Information Security Fundamentals" is a complete 10-hour course that teaches security end-to-end. The training course is based on the book, The Secured Enterprise: Protecting Your Information Assets. The course includes interactive, instructor-led online training and a package containing 10 one-hour audio CDs, one presentation CD, and the book.

With our unique "learn while you drive" approach to security, the audio CDs can be used to enforce what you learn during the weekly class.

Presented by Paul E. Proctor, Module 1, the first hour, is also available as a self-paced tutorial and includes an audio CD.

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HIPAA Security Fundamentals

"HIPAA Security Training" is a five-hour course that is designed to meet the requirement of §.308(a)(5), Security Awareness and Training, of the final security rule. Presented by Paul E. Proctor, this course includes five one-hour audio CDs and a presentation CD containing integrated slides and audio. With our unique “learn while you drive” approach to security training, the audio CD can be used to reinforce what you learn while you commute.

BONUS: Included on the presentation CD are policy and procedure templates that you can customize for your organization.

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