Available for immediate download: "Introduction to Security" (1hr) $24.95

"Information Security Fundamentals" (10 hrs) $395.00

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Available for immediate download: "HIPAA Security Training" (1hr) $24.95

"HIPAA Security Fundamentals" (5 hrs) $295.00

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HIPAA Security Fundamentals:
An Overview of Security Requirements for HIPAA

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What is it?

"HIPAA Security Fundamentals" is a complete five-part comprehensive training course to educate everyone who uses a computer to access protected health information (or PHI) in your organization. The course includes interactive, instructor-led online training and a package containing 5 one-hour audio CDs and one presentation CD. With our unique "learn while you drive" approach to security, the audio CDs can be used to enforce what you learn during the weekly class.

"An Overview of Security Requirements for HIPAA" includes the following subjects:

  • Introduction to HIPAA
  • Information Security Fundamentals

How Much Does it Cost?
The one-hour course is available for immediate download for $24.95 (includes the slide presentation with audio). Add $4.95 for shipping/handling to receive the separate audio and presentation discs.

When is it Available?

Who Should Purchase "Introduction to Security?"

  • Healthcare Professionals Who Use Computers
    Learn about the tie between security and privacy, and how to protect PHI.
  • HIPAA Compliance Team Members
    Learn about information security in your business, and your role for effective information security.

What Will You Learn?
The HIPAA information security requirements for securing enterprise data, applications, and intellectual property have become the critical issue for decision makers in the era of HIPAA.

Like attending a two-day seminar on information security, these courses provide information on every key aspect of security related to HIPAA.

You’ll learn about the types of threats against information security, how to define security requirements for your organization, and how to select the appropriate solutions to protect against threats. You’ll learn about the attack timeline and how to close the window of exposure. You’ll learn about the different security technologies, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

About the Instructor
Founder and chief technology officer of Practical Security, Inc., Paul E. Proctor, has over 15 years experience in computer security. Previously, Paul was founder and CTO at Centrax Corporation and senior vice president of NFR Security. He developed the Computer Misuse Detection System (CMDS), one of the first commercially available host-based intrusion detection systems while at SAIC, and was director of technology at CyberSafe Corporation before joining NFR Security.

Paul E. Proctor is the inventor of patented intrusion detection technology and the author of two recent books, The Practical Intrusion Detection Handbook, and The Secured Enterprise: Protecting Your Information Assets (co-authored with F. Christian Byrnes). Paul holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics and computer science from the University of Illinois.

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