Computer Crime, Cyberterrorism, and Law Enforcement
When: April 2, 2003
Where: San Diego, CA
PSI: Panelist

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Press Release 03/11/03:
Practical Security Inc Releases
Paper Discussing Final HIPAA
Security Rule

Press Release 02/19/03:
PSI and SHP Form Alliance to Provide HIPAA Certification Support Services to the Healthcare Industry

Published Article: Information Security Magazine, February 2003:
"Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk: Five Tips to Win Friends and Influence C-Level Execs in Your Organization


Congratulations to our March book winner: Martin Fink of Federal Reserve Bank of NY

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Security System Integration

Security System Integration is the process of integrating separate third-party products from multiple vendors into a complete solution maximized for your specific requirements. This could be the addition of firewalls to a segment of your network or the creation of a monitoring and response architecture. PSI has the experience to assist in the requirements analysis process, selection, integration, and deployment of appropriate products.

Requirements Analysis

Requirements analysis is the first, most important step in creating an effective security solution for your organization. During requirements analysis you determine precisely what your organization needs. A PSI requirements analysis will produce a detailed requirements document suitable for developing vendor requests for information (RFI), vendor requests for proposals (RFP) and selection criteria.

Products Selection

Proceeding from the requirements and selection criteria, PSI can assist you in developing trade-off analyses and sorting through vendor truth and fiction. PSI has the experience to install and verify candidate products, comparing them to vendor claims and matching them against your organization-specific requirements to make recommendations you can trust.

Product Deployment

Product deployment planning and smooth execution will reduce system downtime during the deployment process.

  • Intrusion Detection
  • Firewalls
  • Security policy propagation and administration
  • Kerberos, SSO, smart cards, and strong authentication
  • Digital certificates and PKI
  • Network and system architecture design
  • Solaris, SUNOS, HP-UX, SCO, IRIX, AIX, and IBM AS/400
  • Windows 95, 98 and ME
  • Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2K and Windows Terminal Server

Security System Integration

Requirements Analysis

Products Selection

Products Deployment

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