Computer Crime, Cyberterrorism, and Law Enforcement
When: April 2, 2003
Where: San Diego, CA
PSI: Panelist

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Press Release 03/11/03:
Practical Security Inc Releases
Paper Discussing Final HIPAA
Security Rule

Press Release 02/19/03:
PSI and SHP Form Alliance to Provide HIPAA Certification Support Services to the Healthcare Industry

Published Article: Information Security Magazine, February 2003:
"Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk: Five Tips to Win Friends and Influence C-Level Execs in Your Organization


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Security Training

Security training is a necessity in any organization to increase effectiveness. PSI can develop a custom training course for any size group whether it is product training, security awareness training, or software development training.

Product Training

If your organization has recently purchased a security product or developed a set of security procedures that require the education of a group of users then PSI can help. PSI has experience with many commercial products and different types of security procedures.

Security Awareness Training

Security awareness will help your employees become another layer of protection. PSI can provide awareness training designed for your specific policies and procedures for all levels of the organization including Senior Management, Line Management, Departmental Security, and Security Function Personnel.

  1. Need for Computer Security
  2. Need for Security Administration
  3. Summary of Protective Measures
  4. Security Awareness Follow-up and Review
  5. Security Fundamentals
  6. Network Security Vulnerabilities and Defenses
  7. Management Problems such as corporate record-keeping
  8. Legal forms of protection
  9. Trade Secret protection, Copyright protection
  10. Security techniques to protect proprietary rights
  11. Contractual commitments to protect proprietary rights
  12. Enforcement efforts
  13. Federal Privacy Act, State Acts and†regulations and international privacy
  14. Computer Abuse and Crime
  15. Data communications like encryption, and electronic datainterchange
  16. Legal liability due to product liability, defamation, failure to observe standards
  17. Specific government controls

Software Development Security Review & Training

Software development teams need to understand the implications of security in the product lifecycle. PSI can train any number of engineers in secure software development.

  1. Review software life cycle and determine security risks
  2. Recommend secure methods for software development and testing
  3. Secure methods of software development and testing


Product Training

Security Awareness Training

Software Development Security Review & Training