Computer Crime, Cyberterrorism, and Law Enforcement
When: April 2, 2003
Where: San Diego, CA
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Press Release 03/11/03:
Practical Security Inc Releases
Paper Discussing Final HIPAA
Security Rule

Press Release 02/19/03:
PSI and SHP Form Alliance to Provide HIPAA Certification Support Services to the Healthcare Industry

Published Article: Information Security Magazine, February 2003:
"Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk: Five Tips to Win Friends and Influence C-Level Execs in Your Organization


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Press Release
December 16, 2002

PSI Training Launches New Security Training Course
Targeted At Business Professionals

"Introduction to Security" First Course Offered by Business
Unit Spin-Off of Practical Security Inc.

Practical Security Inc. today announced its new company business unit, PSI Training, will launch with a 10-hour information security training course targeted at business professionals, "Information Security Fundamentals."

The first module, "Introduction to Security" is available today.

PSI Training was formed to provide information security training classes for business professionals via a variety of methods, including instructor-led Webcasts, audio CD modules, and integrated audio/visual presentations. Distribution of the classes will be through strategic marketing partners, as well as direct from PSI Training, downloadable from the Web at Courses offered will include training on information security fundamentals, HIPAA security and CISSP certification.

The first module available, "Information Security Fundamentals: Introduction to Security" is a one-hour, self-paced tutorial that introduces listeners to information security. Securing enterprise data, applications, and intellectual property has become the critical issue for business decision makers in the era of hackers and potential cyber-terrorism. This course meets the needs of business owners, managers and others who need to understand what they can do to ward off security threats.

Presented by Paul E. Proctor, an internationally known author and security IT expert, this class and the remainder of the course are based on the book, The Secured Enterprise: Protecting Your Information Assets,by Paul E. Proctor and F. Christian Byrnes. "Introduction to Security" includes a presentation CD and an audio CD. With PSI Training's unique "learn while you drive" approach to security training, the audio CD can be used while commuting to reinforce what is learned in the course.

Christopher Boring, marketing communications manager with Toshiba Network Products Division, said, "There is a great need for professionally produced and timely information security IT classes for the non-IT manager."

He added, "Any manager who is concerned about securing his company's sensitive data and intellectual property would be interested in taking this class."

Business managers, security professionals, and network and system administrators will take this course to learn about:

  • Introduction to Security
  • Justifying Security in Your Organization
  • Threat Briefing

Paul E. Proctor, founder and president of PSI Training, said, "Business people are a key group in the successful implementation of security, and this course is designed to address their needs by discussing security from a business perspective."

Proctor added, "Security professionals and technical administrators will also benefit by developing a greater understanding of the role business plays in successful security."

How to Order "Introduction to Security"
"Introduction to Security" is available now for immediate download for $24.95 (includes the slide presentation and integrated audio). The separate audio and presentation discs are available for an additional charge of $4.95 shipping/handling. To purchase this one-hour class, visit

About Practical Security Inc.
Founded in 2002, Practical Security Inc. (PSI) is an information security services company dedicated to helping organizations of all sizes secure their mission critical information technology assets. Practical Security provides a practical and educational advantage to companies seeking ways to safeguard their information assets by helping employees at all levels be better prepared to detect, analyze and prevent IT security breaches. For more information on PSI, visit

About PSI Training
Incorporated in December 2002, PSI Training is a separate business unit spin-off of Practical Security Inc. that provides information security training classes for business professionals via a variety of electronic means. Classes on CD, audio/video presentations and instructor-led Webcasts will be distributed through strategic marketing partners and direct from PSI Training, downloadable via the Web at

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